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Vineyard Priorities

  • Worship
    Our highest priority is giving God's love back to Him in worship. Through worship we experience vital nurture and life from our heavenly Father. We also express worship by our lifestyle before a watching world. We desire Spirit led worship in a style that is intimate, dynamic, culture current, and most of all life changing.

  • Fellowship
    Our next priority flows out of worship: giving God's love to each other. As we find acceptance, affirmation and healing with God, we have a basis to relate honestly to one another. To aid these relationships, we place a very high emphasis on small group experiences called "Kinships." These Kinship experiences give every individual an opportunity to express who they are, what they need, and give themselves to one another in love.

  • Word of God
    Our third priority has to do with teaching and responding to the Word of God. To us, God's word involves both His immediate work spoken through inspired utterance (i.e. word of wisdom, prophecy, etc.) and sound Bible exposition presented by pastors and teachers with emphasis on doing and experiencing truth.

  • Ministry
    We believe that all Christians are called to minister in some manner under the anointing of the Spirit. Furthermore, our premise is that every believer has the same capacity to exercise any spiritual gift at any time according to the will of the Father. Specifically, we are called to preach the Gospel to the poor, bring healing to the whole person (spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially), care for the poor through the giving of our time, energy and resources, set free those taken captive by Satan and his demons, counsel those in need of God's wisdom and direction, nurture believers through teaching and exhortation to pursue discipleship in Christ, and train and release others in ministry of salvation, healing, deliverance, and other areas of Kingdom ministry.

  • Training and Equipping
    We believe all Christians should be trained to "do the works of Christ." We are also committed to a teaching model illustrated by Jesus Christ. The pastor and leaders must always stay "in training" themselves as they train others.

  • Church Planting
    We see church planting as a primary evangelistic tool. Our desire is to find people like ourselves and provide for them a church life that reflects Vineyard values. To be effective church planters and Kingdom builders, we must train and release our most capable people. We plan to help plant Vineyard churches in our region and 10,000 Vineyards around the world in our generation.

  • Renewing the Larger Body of Christ
    Our premise is that God loves the whole church, even those with differing views, theologies and practices. We want to be a part of God's ministry to the whole church. In so doing, as a by-product, we are also renewed.


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