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Vineyard Values

  • The Pursuit of God
    Our highest value is the pursuit of God. We are hungry to know and experience God's presence, hear His voice, and follow hard after Him. Our desire is to see Jesus' love, mercy, and power shine through all we do.

  • Kingdom of God
    We aim to move in all the signs of the present fulfillment of God's Kingdom, invoking the Spirit's powerful presence, ministering healing through the Spirit's gifts, and seeing God heal and work wonders through His people.

  • Discipleship
    We aim first to grow personally in the disciplines of Christ and secondly to make disciples - calling others into those same practices.

  • Value of the Individual
    We aim to work together to build the church through maintaining mutual respect, open communication, determined cooperation, and believing and speaking the best about each other.

  • Relationships
    Relationships take root in the soil of intimacy, accountability and commitment. Relationships are an end in themselves and are not to be used, exploited, or manipulated.

  • Simplicity
    We will not use manipulation, deception, or coercion to motivate people to function and participate in church life.

  • Integrity
    It is important to us to speak the truth, deal honestly, and live uprightly.

  • Servant Leadership
    We aim to exercise authority with humility, selflessness and grace, care for the sheep, and with sincere desire to build up the Body of Christ.

  • Children
    Children are a gift from God. They are our present blessing and future hope. As such, they deserve the same quality of nurturing and care we give adults.

  • Marriage and Family
    We desire to help families grow strong and healthy; enabling them to be nurturing, spiritual family units that are able to love and serve each other.

  • Culture Current
    We use contemporary music and seek to develop an atmosphere in which non-churched "baby-boomers" will feel at home.

  • Unity
    We aim to maintain unity by honoring all who call on Jesus' name and by seeking reconciliation with all parts of the Body and by blessing the whole Body of Christ.

  • Non-Religious
    We try to speak in the language of our culture without Christian clichés and dress. We desire to act in ways in which our culture will respond positively to the Kingdom of God without compromising the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



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